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Da Nang, Vietnam

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Reason to go Da Nang in July: With plenty of sunshine and blue skies expected throughout the month, you can take this chance to travel around Da Nang and explore the third largest city in Vietnam. The must-visit spots are the Dragon Bridge, Ho Chi Minh and Zone 5 Military Museum, Son Tra Guan Yin Statue (at Son Tra Peninsula) and the Marble Mountains.

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Weather: Plenty of sunshine and blue skies expected throughout the month
Travel Budget: SGD 400 – 600
Best Travel Period: May – July
Key Attraction/Must visit: Son Tra Guan Yin Statue
Recommended for: Backpackers, Family with Children, Working adults

Langkawi, Malaysia

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Reason to go Langkawi in August: It is generally cooler and good to spend most days walking around exploring attractions around Langkawi. There are many things to do on this island, ranging from hiking up the mountains, taking a stroll at the beaches, trying out local street food and duty-free shopping. It is literally a one-stop station which offers all kinds of activities perfect for a short getaway.

Weather: Coldest season in the year, but remain tropical temperature
Travel Budget: SGD 400 – 1000 (approx.)
Best Travel Period: April – August
Key Attraction/Must visit: Langkawi Sky Bridge
Recommended for: Family with children, Working adults

Gili Islands, Indonesia

Image Credit: Halong Bay Vietnam

Reason to go Gili Islands in September: In September, the weather will be fairly dry and the tourist crowds will be abated. If diving and snorkelling are still on your mind during this time of the year, then this is the perfect place you should be looking at. Gili is made up of 3 main islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. The water current is generally very gentle and the visibility is good around 20 metres; you get to see an abundance of aquatic life in the underwater world.

Find out with us on more reasons why you should visit the Gili Islands here.

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Weather: Fairly dry
Travel Budget: SGD 424 – 520
Best Travel Period: September – November
Key Attraction/Must visit: Diving, Snorkelling
Recommended for: Backpackers, Couples, Young adults

Bagan, Myanmar

Image Credit: Rainforest Cruises

Reason to go Bagan in October: Bagan is hot most of the year, so it is prime to visit the ancient city during October, when temperature hit 30°C. It is known as the Land of Pagodas, where some 2,230 of the original 4,450 temples still survive today. Interestingly, you can explore the Pagodas on bikes, horse carriages, cars and even hot-air balloons. And don’t forget to catch the sunrise on top of the Shwe San Daw Pagoda.

Weather: Less rain and steadier temperature
Travel Budget: SGD 450 – 750
Best Travel Period: October – February
Key Attraction/Must visit: Bagan Archaeological Museum
Recommended for: Backpackers, Couples, Working adult

Bangkok, Thailand

Image Credit: Khiri Travel

Reason to go Bangkok in November: With the heat and humidity at their lowest during this time, grab your bags and head to the Land of Smiles for their famous street food, shopping, night markets and massages. For party-goers, the nightlife in the city will not disappoint as well.

Notable festival: Loy Krathong Festival (23 November 2018, date may vary)

Weather: Average weather with coolest around the year
Travel Budget: SGD 640 – 800
Best Travel Period: November – April
Key Attraction/Must visit: Rot Fai Train Night Market Srinakarin
Recommended for: Couples, Family with children, Young adult

Manila, Philippines

Image Credit: flickr

Reason to go Manila in December: It is a pleasant time to travel to Philippines for its cooler temperatures in December. Also, Philippines is the largest catholic country in Southeast Asia, and that makes celebrating Christmas here a big deal. Visit the iconic churches, sites, shopping malls, bazaars, flea markets and many more in this wonderland for a quaint vacation.

Alternatively, if you are looking for some beachy areas to relax, you can choose to go to the Borocay Island too.

Image Credit: Nikkei Asian Review

Weather: Cooling weather
Travel Budget: SGD 645 – 820
Best Travel Period: December – February
Key Attraction/Must visit: Fort Santiago
Recommended for: Family with children, Working adult

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