6 Reasons Why The Maldives Should Be Your Next Destination

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By Kim   March 02, 2018

The islands of Maldives have undoubtedly been the most breathtakingly cool tropical places in the world.

Most tourists land in the bustling City of Male, packed with huge mosques, and scented markets, after which they find their way to their private resorts. From surfing to honeymoon trips, Maldives has a mammoth of adventure destinations and a paradise that is open to all. The following places fully justify why the Maldives should be your next travel destination.

1.The City of Male

The capital of Maldives is packed with large mosques and stacked with thrumming vehicles, coconuts, and beautiful scents. Although the town of Male is rarely visited, the city is squeezed into a small islet in the northern atoll.

The sights in the City of Male are incredibly breathtaking for all viewers. The fascinating streets, along with the ancient Friday mosque and the Islamic centre with golden decorations, will undoubtedly leave you awed.

2. Dolphin spotting

One of the best things to do after arriving at the Cinnamon Hakurra is participating in a dolphin excursion. Just before sunset, you can see dolphins flipping and twirling out of the water. The dolphins of Maldives are some of the most playful and will leave an excellent show for you as they play around.

3. Surfing

The Maldives is an incredible global surfing destination for amateurs and pros alike. If you want to break the monotony of always staying in the crowds, watching the pros surf as you take some drink or coffee is incredible too. There are numerous places where you can take your surfing lessons, so there is no need to worry if you are not a pro.

4. Massage

When visiting an island paradise, massaging is one of the components of the Maldives honeymoon package Singapore. You should take valuable time to relax with your partner as you turn up the romantic factor. After a long day of luxury, feeling the skilled masseurs rubbing away the fatigue and aches as soft music plays is something you would want to relish in relaxation.

5. Diving and snorkelling

The Maldives is a favourite destination for the world's top scuba divers. If you're not satisfied with the trips, you can check the view below the waters and enjoy the pleasant views of the reefs and marine life. The incredible vistas in the clear blue waters, which are warm and inviting, make a swimsuit necessary here.

If scuba diving doesn't work for you, snorkelling could be yours. You'll have a splendid view of a mammoth of sea turtles and schools of fish with a feeling as if you are in a gigantic aquarium. Whether you go deep in the waters or splash around, you can be sure to see plenty.

6. Sand beaches

The most significant ingredient while travelling is sunbathing on the beach. The sand stretches across the atolls which are smooth. You can walk along the sandy beaches, basking in paradise. Nothing can compare with the sheer relaxation you experience when you walk along these sandy beaches.


Whether it’s a holiday trip, honeymoon, or a short trip, the sheer beauty and breathtaking experience in the Maldives islands is incredible. The destinations and activities to do are just sitting on the islands – waiting for you to visit!

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