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June 11, 2018

By Kim   March 02, 2018

Working for long hours each day and keeping up with a daily routine can be difficult, boring and straining to the mind. Now and then, you need to relax and put your mind to rest so that you regain your energy and rejuvenate your senses, and that’s the reason you take holidays and trips.

As a Singaporean, you might have already taken a trip to all the significant tourist attractions in the country, and you now view them as boring destinations. It’s natural to feel this way and a change in holiday location can help greatly. You have to find new places that will excite you and make you look forward to taking the trip.

It may be time for you to start embracing international tourism and visit other countries in Asia and the world in general. If you are looking to explore other parts of the world, why not start with the neighbouring countries . Here are some of them:

1) Myanmar

Burma, as it is commonly known, is one destination that should be at the top of your list. If you are a lover of historical architecture, you will enjoy visiting the temples of Buddhism that are scattered across the nation. Most notable of the majestic temples is Bagang which has more temples and stupas than anywhere else on earth.


2) Cambodia

The City Temple also known as Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s most visited tourist attraction. The temple dates back to the 12th century, built by the King Suryavarman II. The property also has a small water body to the side which reflects the image of the temple perfectly for photographers to capture its magnificence.


3) Malaysia

If you are a lover of mystery and creepy walks, the Mulu Caves in the Malaysian Borneo is a must visit for you. It is located in an equatorial rainforest in the Gunung Mulu National Park. The Sarawak chamber within the park is also the world’s largest and it is said it can accommodate around forty passenger planes inside.


4) Vietnam

Away from the human-made attractions, there are thousands of stunning islands that decorate the Bay of Descending Dragons, locally referred to as Ha Long Bay. Some of the islands have caves and small lakes that are an ideal tourist destination for lovers of the sea.


5) Laos

Luang Prabang is the most famous tourist attraction in Laos. The city was formerly the royal capital of Laos until the communist incursion in 1975. The town has wooden houses and old French ruins. To top it all, there are golden-roofed temples in the city, monks walk through the streets collecting alms of rice to take back with them.


6) Indonesia

The Indonesia Lombok Island tour package  is perhaps the most popular tour package for lovers of pristine beaches and a stunning view of the sea. The Island is flooded yearly with tourists who want to have a good time and enjoy all the marine life while doing sporting activities on the lovely island.


7) Thailand

Thailand has many tourist attractions, with Ko Phi Phi being the crème de la crème of the Thai experience. The beach is located in the Krabi province near Phuket. If you love sunny beaches and beach sports this is the destination for you. You will be able to take part in snorkelling, scuba diving and even kayaking.


8) China

A little further away from Singapore is the great nation of China, known for the people’s rich cultural practices and locations. The biggest tourist attraction is the world wonder; the Great Wall of China. A lot can be said about this magnificent structure, but nothing can encompass its greatness in words. You have to visit the Great Wall to appreciate ones of man's most significant structures.


6) India

Emperor Shah Jahan, the former ruler of the Mughal Empire, built a stunning marble structure in remembrance of his favourite wife between 1692 and 1653. The thirty-nine-year fete gave rise to the Taj Mahal, India’s biggest tourist attraction. Apart from the majestic structure, there are also beautiful buildings and pools that surround the Taj Mahal.


Travelling within Singapore and also around the region is not only good for relaxation; you also open yourself up to learning from the new cultures you encounter. You can get a cheap indonesia tour package that will take you to most of the places mentioned above. Some of them are the best attractions in their respective countries, but there are also more sites you can visit in those countries.

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