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Mount Ijen: Discover The Spectacular Must-See Attractions


November 22, 2019

By Kim   March 02, 2018

Fancy a visit to an active volcano?

Mount Ijen offers you that amazing experience of getting up close and personal with a majestic volcano. Located in East Java in Indonesia, Mount Ijen is part of a group of volcanoes, in which the highest point is Gunung Merapi at almost 2,800m in height.

Although Mount Ijen is not the highest point, the consolation is that it offers spectacular views of Gunung Merapi! Besides, Mount Ijen offers a number of fascinating natural sights, such as the famous Blue Fire.

A sure way to cover all the note-worthy attractions at Mount Ijen is by travelling via our Ijen tour package to Indonesia. Wondering what’s in store for you at Ijen? Here’s an overview of the highlights you can look forward to!

The Ijen Plateau

You don’t need to go to the moon to witness humongous craters. The group of mountains that include Mount Ijen are in fact part of a gigantic crater – or to be more accurate, a caldera. The area is dubbed the Ijen Plateau, a 20 kilometres wide region possibly formed by an earth-shattering eruption in millenniums ago.

The base of the 2600m-tall plateau is fertile ground for coffee growing, so you will find numerous plantations there. From the plateaus, you will be able to visit the waterfalls, hot springs and volcanic lakes.

The Ijen Crater Lake

At the heart of Mount Ijen lies the most acidic lake in the world. The pH is between 0.3-0.5, which is extremely acidic, due to the sulphuric acid content in the lake. In the day, the lake does a brilliant job of catching the sun and glowing with a radiant turquoise hue.

In the midst of capturing the breath-taking views with your camera, you might come across the sulphur miners hard at work in and around the crater. These workers endure unfavourable conditions for meager wages to obtain sulphur from the crater. Be sure to show some respect and prevent yourself from getting in the way of their jobs!

The Ijen Blue Flames

If you’re going to Mount Ijen, you probably won’t want to miss the mystical sight of the Blue Fire. Sulphur gas rises from the crater at a high temperature (up to 600 degrees Celsius!), and spontaneously burns when it comes into contact with the air, forming the iconic dancing blue flames.

The only catch is that you need to earn the chance to witness this phenomenal sight. The blue flame is best viewed in the pitch darkness of the night, which offers a splendid contrast to show off the electric-blue flames. So, most people recommend hiking up in the night, or a few hours before sunrise. If you are following a tour package to Ijen, your tour guide would likely have already accounted for the best time to go for the best chances of catching the blue flames.

Catch the sunrise

Sunrises are nature’s way of injecting beauty into the everyday. But being on a mountaintop only makes that view more magical. If you’ve hiked up the Ijen Plateau before sunrise, you will be in time to catch the awe-inspiring sight of vermilion and pink paint the sky at dawn. Take in the rejuvenating views of the crater against the sky, and you will find that the hike up in the darkness was more than worth it.

Things to note when travelling to Ijen

Visiting a huge, active volcano definitely comes with its risks. Firstly, to enjoy all the spectacular views that Ijen has to offer, you need to make your way up the volcano. Although the trek is considered not too challenging, some people might find the 1.5-2 hour journey a little strenuous. It does not require you to be exceptionally fit to conquer the hike, but you need to be extra careful due to certain parts that are steep, rocky, and slippery.

Another point to note is this: Sulphurous gasses are pungent and poisonous, so you want to avoid inhaling it as much as possible. Plus, the fumes at the crater can get pretty thick at times. To avoid getting choked by the sulphur gases, it is important to come equipped with a decent quality gas mask.

Despite the risks, Mount Ijen is an ultimate gem to discover in Indonesia. If you travel with Singapore’s best tour agency, you can rest assured you are in safe hands for a fuss-free holiday to Mount Ijen.

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