3D2N Cameron Highlands and Ipoh Trip, Malaysia

3D2N Cameron Highlands and Ipoh Trip, Malaysia

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  • Transportation: 3 days chartered car service
    • 4 pax: 5-seater car
    • 5-9 pax: MPV
    • >9 pax: Van
  • Meal: Breakfast*3,Lunch*3,Dinner*1
  • Attraction: Kellie's Castle, Kek Lok Tong, Old Town, Tea Valley, Strawberry Farm, Lavender Park, Rose Valley, Cameron Waterfall
  • Accommodation: 1 night stay at 3-star hotel and 1 night stay at 4-star hotel.
  • Personal travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa to Malaysia (if needed)
  • Malaysia Hotel/Resort will charge foreign tourists for RM10/room/night as travel tax
  • Message us at the bottom right or WhatsApp +65 8671 0532 if you’ve any queries.
  • For single occupancy, the traveler will occupy one hotel room alone.
  • The itinerary is subject to change due to weather or other reasons. In case of discrepancy, the actual schedule shall prevail. Comelah reserves the right of final interpretation.
  • Cancellation & Transfer Policy


Depart in the early morning (6.00-6.30am) from Jurong East MRT Pick-up Point. Have Breakfast at Yong Peng, Fishball Noodle.


Enjoy the famous Lawang Bak Ku Teh.


Visit the Cameron Waterfall after lunch.


Visit Cameron Valley Tea House and strawberry farm. Pick strawberries, and enjoy the delicious strawberry milk shake and ice cream (Self-expense).



Check in 4-star hotel and rest (Free and easy time).

Century Pines Cameron Highlands


Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands


Have buffet breakfast at hotel and check-out.

Visit Rose Valley in Cameron Highlands.



Have steamboat or Zi Char for lunch.


Visit Lavender Valley, BOH Tea Garden and enjoy the delicious cakes (self-expense).


Head to Ipoh, visit Ipoh Town Hall and Ipoh Railway Station, the most beautiful train station in Malaysia.



Check in to 3-star hotel and rest.


Enjoy your dinner at the famous Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuay Tiao.


Have breakfasts in hotel and check out.

Visit the Old Market, the Ernai lane and Sannai lane and watch the murals. Later, try out the most authentic "old street" white coffee.



Visit Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple


Enjoy Dim Sum for lunch.

Visit Kellie's Castle. Located beside Sungai Raya in Perak, Kellie’s Castle is a huge unfinished mansion built by a Scottish rubber plantation owner named William Kellie-Smith.

The building brings you back to a time and place in the past. You get to see the actual locations where Anna And The King (1999) and Skyline Cruisers (2000) were filmed in the mansion.

photo by 刘特,model 欧阳雪

Drive back to Singapore, it is advisable to grab some snacks on the go. Arrive in Singapore at night about 9pm if traffic is smooth.

*The itinerary is subject to change due to weather or other reasons. In case of discrepancy, the actual schedule shall prevail. comelah reserves the right of final interpretation.

Fancy an escape to a mountainous region where the weather hovers at 20 degrees all year round? This is definitely a dream come true for those who dwell in the hot and humid tropics. To top it all off, this destination is much closer to home than you think.

Cameron Highlands, situated on the north-western tip of Pahang in Malaysia, is an enchanting hilly expanse that attracts nature-lovers from around the region and the world. The highlands sit around 1 to 2 kilometres above sea level, lending it a cool, cloud-covered atmosphere around the clock. Blanketed in emerald-hued greenery, the highlands is home to hundreds of floral species that are hard to find in the tropics. Due to its cool weather, the highlands also provides an excellent condition for farming produce that is difficult to grow in the tropics.

Make an activity out of strawberry-picking at one of the local farms, and eat your fill of the freshly plucked, juicy berries. Not to be missed are the numerous tea plantations in the region, which form the expansive terraced landscapes which Cameron Highlands is known for. At the plantation, you can get a glimpse into how fragrant teas are grown and processed. Sample their tea and tea products, and bring home a souvenir for your friends back home.

Enjoy spotting the different flora and fauna on the highlands, or go animal-watching for a variety of birds, insects and reptiles. You can take your pick of their numerous jungle trails and absorb the energy of the forest. Visit the Cameron Waterfall for a sight of majestic rushing waters and natural land formations. If you can’t get enough of nature, head on to take in the heavenly scent of lavenders at the Lavender Garden, and experience being in a bed of roses at the Rose Valley.

En route to Cameron Highlands, multiple attractions await you. You can catch a view of Kellie’s Castle, a splendid-looking mansion that became the film set for several films. To fill you up, hearty meals of local dimsum and zichar are available along the way in the foodie haven of Ipoh. Experience the old streets of Ipoh, with authentic white coffee against the backdrop of their town hall and train station.

Make your trip to the Cameron Highlands a hassle-free one with an all-in-one tour package. With an itinerary all planned out for you, all you need to do is pack up, show up, and enjoy your relaxing getaway. Our tour package lets you discover the enchanting beauty of Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands in a 3-day trip in a private chartered vehicle. Get your family or your friends and team up for the ultimate escapade to nature, food, and rejuvenation. Book a trip with us today!

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