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At a short distance from Singapore lies the world’s largest island country, Indonesia, home to over 17,000 islands. About 8000 of the islands are inhabited, with over 700 languages spoken across the peoples. The rich and diverse nature of the Southeast Asian nation extends into its biodiversity – it is famous for Komodo dragons, elephants, orangutans, and tigers. For travellers, Indonesia is known for its sprawling beaches, majestic volcanoes, and countless other natural works of wonders. It is no wonder, then, that it is a top holiday destination in the region.

A popular honeymoon destination, Bali is a tourist favourite for the classic beach getaway. Be treated to the best coastlines that Indonesia has to offer, whether you are just relaxing on the shore, or embarking on sea sports like surfing and diving. Natural wonders at the outer islands of Nusa Penida and Lembongan will mesmerise you with their natural wonders, like the giant blowhole that is the Devil’s Tears. Picture-perfect rice terraces and waterfalls aside, Bali is also home to majestic volcanoes like Mt Agung and Mt Batur. And don’t forget to check out Bali’s iconic works of architecture, with postcard-worthy Pura Lempuyang and Uluwatu Temple. Including all these and more, our Bali tour packages take you to all the best places in Bali, complete with comfortable stays at popular resorts.

For a close-up glimpse of Indonesia’s volcanic landforms, a trip to Mt Bromo cannot be missed. Visitors can choose to tour via jeep or horse-riding, and catch a glimpse of the devastating beauty of the volcano’s path of destruction. Ride across the black sand, and discover the hidden side of Mt Bromo where hilly plains lie like a forbidden fantasyland. If you stay till late, you might even get to marvel at the sight of the milky way blanketing the night sky.

Mt Ijen offers another perspective of the country’s volcanoes, with its enchanting blue sulfur flames that engulf the lake. Trekking up the volcano on the crater tour will earn you another spectacular view of the crater as you stand atop its rim. These out-of-the-world sights are yours to catch when you go on a tour package to Mt Bromo and Ijen Lake with us.

If land holidays are too mainstream, experience a new way to holiday with one of our liveaboard trips to Indonesia’s Komodo Island. Also available as a day tour or tour package of up to 6 days, our trips to Komodo takes you on a beach escapade of a lifetime. Less packed with tourists than its popular counterparts, Komodo’s beaches provide ample peace and privacy for you and your fellow travellers to kick back and relax. The many islands at Komodo offer excellent island experiences. Encountering Komodo dragons and bats is just the start. Trek up vantage points for panoramic coastal views, and snorkel in the waters for a chance to swim with the manta rays. At Komodo, you also get to witness the famed Pink Beach for yourself, and explore fresh seafood in a trip to the night markets of Labuan Bajo.

Liveaboard trips aside, Belitung Island and Lombok Island offer up yet more island attractions for the adventurous traveller. Belitung works its own charm with its iconic granite boulder formations and ethereal views at the Danau Kaolin mining site. Both Belitung Island and Lombok Island are surrounded by smaller islands which make excellent island-hopping destinations. Here, you can dive to your hearts’ content, or go snorkelling to discover the teeming marine life of Indonesia’s waters. The many islands of Indonesia make it the ultimate destination for beach holidays and water sports. Yet, far from being just another coastal holiday, Indonesia’s top travel destinations also have a balanced offering of nature, culture, and fun. From architecture to history, and sports to scenery, there is something in store for all kinds of travellers.

For a fuss-free way to explore Indonesia, check out comelah’s specially curated range of tour packages. Spanning the highlights of Indonesia as well as a few hidden gems, our trips will bring you on your dream getaway at very pocket-friendly rates.

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