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If alluring turquoise waters and soft white sand beaches sound like paradise to you, the islands of Maldives will be the perfect holiday destination for you. Be greeted by clear waters that allow you to peer into the depths of the ocean, and enjoy unobstructed scenery of the endless horizon. Wake up to an unrivalled view of the brilliant sunrise, and be pampered by the warm hospitality of the locals.

Relax in luxury

The selection of luxurious resorts here leaves any holiday-goer spoilt for choice. It is not unusual to be treated to floating pools at your doorstep, and full-length views of the Indian Ocean from your bedroom. Even the most affordable resorts are beautifully adorned and come with complete facilities. No matter which you choose, you will be able to unwind with a dip in the ocean and let nature rejuvenate you. Envelop yourself with the surround-sound of waves lapping against you, and tour the island while leaving your worries back at home.

Adventure in nature

For the adventure-seekers, Maldives offers a world of tropical and marine expeditions. Mystical caves and exotic marine life awaits your exploration, whether you choose to do so by snorkelling or a deep-sea dive. Awaken your senses with a variety of sea sports and leisure activities, guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning of travellers. Pick up a new sport and get your adrenaline fix, all against the backdrop of lush beaches and amazing skylines.

A destination for all

The well-rounded charms of the Maldives make it one of the best destinations to visit. Couples on honeymoon can indulge in the unbridled beauty of the islands with an exclusive resort stay. Families and groups of friends will also feel welcome with the comprehensive facilities and activities for all ages. Whether you prefer a laidback vacation or a fun-filled holiday, Maldives is sure to offer up something for everyone. The best thing is, this island getaway is barely a 5-hour journey from Singapore, which makes it extremely accessible for a quick weekend trip.

Why go to the Maldives with “comelah”?

With its countless attractions, this tropical oasis has rightfully earned its reputation as a desirable travel destination. While a night at the most luxurious resorts does not come cheap, it does not have to be a far-fetched dream to experience the Maldives. With our cheap holiday packages, you can avoid the hefty markups of conventional tour packages, and enjoy a free-and-easy stay at some of the top-rated resorts in the Maldives. Stay at one of our handpicked resorts and soak in the magic of the Maldives with a holiday package at unmatched prices.

That dreamy island getaway is right at your fingertips. With our extremely affordable packages, there is no reason to say no to a trip to the Maldives. Explore our package options for trips from Singapore to the Maldives, and make Maldives your next holiday or honeymoon destination.

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