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While Singapore is a small nation, the country has a multitude of exciting attractions that both locals and tourists can explore. From places of historical importance to restaurants offering the gastronomic delights that Singapore is known for, a day tour is a perfect way to explore the city. Enjoy a short day tour in Singapore and spend some time with your loved ones discovering parts of the country that you may not have known about.Singapore is a known paradise for food lovers around the world and offers a melting pot of international cuisines. Most Singaporeans are proud gourmands who love to eat the delicious food that can found nearly everywhere in the country. Famous dishes include the delicious chilli crab that is often considered as a must-try for any visitors and the fragrant Singapore laksa that has a rich coconut-based curry broth. By joining a short day tour, you can spend your day enjoying mouth-watering food from different countries without even taking a trip overseas. A day tour may also include visits to museums, historical landmarks and opportunities for shopping.Contact us today for information about the day tours we offer, including details about the itineraries and upcoming day tours.
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