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Weekend getaways are a common occurrence for people living in Singapore, as our excellent location allows us to travel to popular vacation spots in Southeast Asia easily. Regardless of the location or duration, a weekend getaway from Singapore is a wonderful way to de-stress and forget about your worries for a short time. Instead of spending your weekend at home, hop on a plane or a ferry, and enjoy a short trip from Singapore.

Due to the proximity between Malaysia and Singapore, many people in Singapore visit Malaysia during the weekends. Instead of struggling with the massive crowds at the shopping malls in Malaysia, consider heading to the scenic Sky Mirror for some unique photo-taking opportunities. Alternatively, you can eat delicious pineapples at Simpang, Malaysia, while admiring the dazzling stars in the sky. A short two days and one-night weekend getaway should be enough for you to feel more refreshed and relaxed. Those with more time to spare should head to places in Malaysia like Tiga Island and enjoy a tour of this tranquil place.

Another popular weekend getaway destination will be Indonesia, as the country has many beautiful locations that are perfect for a short trip from Singapore. Those that want to visit a popular area should head to Batam Island, where they can enjoy a soothing massage and a short tour of the city. Other places you can visit to enjoy a weekend getaway in Indonesia will be to the Blue Lake and Tadom Hill. If you have five days to spare, consider joining the Komodo Marine Adventure Tour for an incredible experience where you can find a Komodo dragon and visit a beautiful pink beach.

Apart from Malaysia and Indonesia, you can also head to nearby countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. In Vietnam, you can enjoy a luxury tour of the city and visit Da Lat railway station, the country’s oldest railway station. Other fun activities you can do while on a weekend getaway to Vietnam include using surfboards to slide down sand dunes and visiting a busy fishing village. In Thailand, you can stay in a relaxing hotel or resort and be pampered with yoga lessons and massages. For an enriching experience, go on a weekend getaway to Cambodia, where you can visit famous places in Siem Reap like the Angkor Wat Temple.

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