1Day/2Day Komodo Island Sunset Speedboat Luxury Cruise, Indonesia

1Day/2Day Komodo Island Sunset Speedboat Luxury Cruise, Indonesia

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Go sailing with us to Komodo National Park for encountering Komodo Dragon, snorkelling and looking for Manta Ray. Enjoy one of the most beautiful pink Beach in the world.

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  1. Transportation: Pickup and drop off from hotels within Labuan Bajo area
  2. Meal: lunch,snacks and bottle water
  3. speaking tour guide
  4. Snorkeling equipment and life vest
  1. Breakfast
  2. Komodo Island National Park entrance ticket (300-650k/pax/day)
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Tips
  5. Personal expenses
  • The boat staffs will arrange the type of boat according to the number of passengers for that day.
  • There is no air-con and toilet on the boats
  • Price quoted are for shared tours.
  • For private tours and 2 day boat tour, please contact us at the bottom right or WhatsApp: +65 86710532
  • Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Tour Highlight

Pink Beach

Pink Beach, as it is aptly named, is one of seven pink beaches on the planet, and is just one of the many amazing features of Komodo Island that make it truly a Natural Wonder of Nature. When the tiny fragments of red coral combine with the white sands, this produces the soft pink colour that is visible along the shoreline.

Taka makassar

Taka Makassar Island is a small sandbar located within Komodo National Park. This perfect sandbar boasts some of the clearest blue waters and the most stunning white sand beach.

Padar Island

Padar is the third largest island part of Komodo National Park .Visitors can do a 30 minute hike to Padar's summit to see a panoramic view of the island, go trekking for around an hour, snorkel or just hit the pristine tri-colored beaches.

Komodo dragon

The Komodo dragon exists only in this one part of the world – on four small islands in the Komodo National Park, in the southern part of Indonesia. it is the largest living species of lizard, growing to a maximum length of 3 metres in rare cases and weighing up to approximately 70 kilograms.

Kelor Island

Kelor Island has many features, including beautiful beaches, mountains, local activities, and calm sea. The island is famous for its serenity and unspoiled scenery, on which tourists can relax and perform trekking.

Manta point

Manta Point is one of the highlights in Komodo either for diving or snorkeling. It’s the home to manta rays, the gentle giant in the sea. During raining season, manta rays are very active. They are chasing each other, playing with one another, and dancing together here and there.

Kanawa Island

The island of Kanawa is fringed with a bed of coral reefs teeming with colorful fish all around. Its turquoise water is exceptionally calm and clear. Swimming and snorkeling are most popular family activities here. Dive down the sea from the jetty, and meet schools of fish that cloud the stilts.

Kalong Island

Kalong Island is the mangrove forest area and it has an important role to balance to nature, especially the sea. As original habitat for bats, usually, the participants that join in the sailing trip, they will be there around at 18.00 local time. The ship will go along the side where the sunset can be seen clearly. The rest of light from the sun becomes the background of millions of bats. They fly energetically by making a noise and thundering toward Labuhan Bajo. This moment is scheduled to make the participants able to see the rite of bats when they come out from the island.

Tour Package

Route 1

5.30: Pick up from your hotel

6.30~15:50: Padar Island - Komodo Island - Pink Beach - Taka Makassar*- Manta Point*- Kanawa Island

17:00: Transfer back to hotel/airport

*Pictures are just for reference

Route 2

6:30: Pick up from your hotel

7.00~17:00: Padar Island - Pink Beach - Komodo Island - Taka Makassar*- Manta Point* - Pulau Siaba Besar

17:30: Transfer back to hotel/airport

* From 16 September 2019 onward, the tourism authority has controlled the number of boats sailing into Taka Makassar and Manta Point, hence will need to observe the situation on the day itself whether the boats can be stopped at the respective islands.

1-Day Luxury cruise shared tour (Sunset Food tour)

11:30: Pickup from hotel

12:00~1830: Rinca Island-Menjerite Island-Kelor Island - Kalong Island

19:00: Transfer to hotel/airport

Sunset food menu

*Pictures are just for reference

*The itinerary above is for reference only. The time, order and attractions visit might change according to the actual weather and traffic situation.

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